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Shadow And Bone Trilogy Review Ok, So I like to read a lot of books, but this series I had no intention to read, at first. I just hap...

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Ok, so on the anniversary of my mom passing (four years ago today), I actually decided NOT to ask my father how he was doing. Instead I politely kept talking to him until two in the morning. I think this was a good sign that while he still misses my mom, he is not dwelling on the subject and is learning to cope with this loss.

I love my dad afterall and loved my mom dearly. I suggest everyone try to keep family close, but it tears me up to see people become completely dysfunctional when a loved one passes. Loss is part of life. Spend more time with those you care about while they are among the living and learn to have no regrets while you have the chance.

Life is fleeting. We all should do more to take every single day as it comes and treat it for the special gift that it truly is. We are all too caught up in our own little worlds that we do not notice the rest of the world moving on around us until it is too late.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Spend the day doing something you love with people you care for deeply.

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