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Computer Hassles Are Always Fun

Several hours of fighting with a Windows based PC yesterday. This is always fun right? No.

It seems that no matter what whenever you are in a hurry to begin with is when things inevitably break around you. This seemed to be the case with the computer yesterday.

After a full day of running around for doctors appointments, errands, and dealing with that favorite of all bureaucracies, the Registry of Motor Vehicles, it would appear that I must have somehow upset the computer gods.

Everything from a simply print job to work I had done for the last several weeks was not playing nice. A dozen or so random reboots of the computer, once while actually attempting to backup some work, caused an unrecoverable error in the files I was working on.

Luckily I had a recent backup of this and only need to do a handful of relatively slow processes. Most of these included the traditional steps such as:

  • Checking for virus
  • cleaning out trash files
  • updating drivers
For a more detailed list of common fixes check out this article: Windows 10 update error 0x8000ffff | Fixed

Something had crashed during the hacking up of my data that somehow then became corrupted. Though it was not likely a Windows 10 issue directly I did manage to have to reinstall a few drivers, most notably the printer and the Radeon drivers I use for the video card. 

The data I lost was minimal, if truly any at all as the backup I did have was from a few days ago and it hadn't been actively worked on since then, 

It just becomes a royal pain to have to deal with technical issues when you are trying got get other stuff done. 

On top of this it means I will likely have to push up some of the other projects I wanted to get done. No time like the present to add a Network Accessible Storage (NAS) to my home PC. There are several nice units out there. 

Leaning toward this unit:

I would still need to grab some hard drives to through in it too. I generally prefer Western Digital drives. Never had any problems with them. I think I would pair the unit with a couple of these for now:

There are several other options but don't think I could justify going up to the 48 Terabyte range to max out some of these NAS units.

The other option would be to build one myself. Just not sure if I want to take teh time away from other projects to build it. I would have to put a computer together, would still need to buy updated new drives, and would have to install and setup something like FreeNAS to run it all.

Plus mine would not be in such a nice, sleek, new case.

I think the longer tern options would be to go back to the original plans of setting up a home server farm to run a host of other services such as Plex server as well. If I do that I could unload a lot of the workload to the server farm and push much of the other workload off of my PC.

So many options but so little time to get everything done that I want to accomplish.

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