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What Is A Usable Website?

Came across a great post doing some research upon website design and usability functionality. You can check out this post here:


Not sure when the post was originally created but it makes many valid points. In detail I like the manner in which the layout considers many of the key elements that factor into SEO concepts.

If you check out the image, (make sure to zoom in), you will all of those key components, such as menus, titles, headers and so forth.

This image touches on some concepts that many SEO marketers understand, such as text placement within a page as well but might not mention it specifically.

At first glance you might think those "blocks" are components of the site, but please be aware these are blurbs ABOUT the website. Take note with regards to how the page itself is laid out. Many of these facets can be rearranged (and should be for uniqueness), but also may be dropped as needed when designing a website.

Not all websites will have access to this level of design choice, such is the case for free website places, such as Blogger.com, where you may be limited in your customization options unless you are a paid member. Not to fear, just implement the key parts that you feel the need to and that are available to you.

Please also take into account that creating a website for "Usability" (meaning end user functionality" and creating one from an SEO perspective are not always the same. Often they are quite different.

An example might be menus: many websites a few years back would have all text link menus, using css boxes to color and bold them. This is great for SEO. While many newer menus systems, such as Wordpress may be using pictures.

The differences to most might seem minor, but to a search engine you get a ton of searchable text with text based link menus, where as image menus may have considerably less searchable text, such as missing alt tag text. Since Google places weights on these features, the option you choose may make a considerable difference.

Make sure to check out this link for website usability and see what you can pick up before you build your next website.

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