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What Is A Usable Website?

Came across a great post doing some research upon website design and usability functionality. You can check out this post here:


Not sure when the post was originally created but it makes many valid points. In detail I like the manner in which the layout considers many of the key elements that factor into SEO concepts.

If you check out the image, (make sure to zoom in), you will all of those key components, such as menus, titles, headers and so forth.

This image touches on some concepts that many SEO marketers understand, such as text placement within a page as well but might not mention it specifically.

At first glance you might think those "blocks" are components of the site, but please be aware these are blurbs ABOUT the website. Take note with regards to how the page itself is laid out. Many of these facets can be rearranged (and should be for uniqueness), but also may be dropped as needed when designing a website.

Not all websites will have access to this level of design choice, such is the case for free website places, such as Blogger.com, where you may be limited in your customization options unless you are a paid member. Not to fear, just implement the key parts that you feel the need to and that are available to you.

Please also take into account that creating a website for "Usability" (meaning end user functionality" and creating one from an SEO perspective are not always the same. Often they are quite different.

An example might be menus: many websites a few years back would have all text link menus, using css boxes to color and bold them. This is great for SEO. While many newer menus systems, such as Wordpress may be using pictures.

The differences to most might seem minor, but to a search engine you get a ton of searchable text with text based link menus, where as image menus may have considerably less searchable text, such as missing alt tag text. Since Google places weights on these features, the option you choose may make a considerable difference.

Make sure to check out this link for website usability and see what you can pick up before you build your next website.

Using Tycoon Gold Addon - Detailed Auction House Instructions To Get You Started

This short walk-through will assist you in figuring out exactly what steps are involved to get Tycoon working for you so that you may begin making wow gold profits as quickly as possible. Instructions For Using Tycoon Gold Auction House Module

How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too!

In Tutorials, by Matthew Woodward

This is the story of how this blog became a Technorati Top 100 Business Blog in just 1 year. I even took a month off! Join me on my journey and I will share everything I did with you step by step over my shoulder! I have managed to achieve quite a lot with the blog in the last year- 632,452 page views 31,715 hours/3.6 years spent reading my posts Won 5 major awards $73,334.09 profit Read more:

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Ok, so on the anniversary of my mom passing (four years ago today), I actually decided NOT to ask my father how he was doing. Instead I politely kept talking to him until two in the morning. I think this was a good sign that while he still misses my mom, he is not dwelling on the subject and is learning to cope with this loss.

I love my dad afterall and loved my mom dearly. I suggest everyone try to keep family close, but it tears me up to see people become completely dysfunctional when a loved one passes. Loss is part of life. Spend more time with those you care about while they are among the living and learn to have no regrets while you have the chance.

Life is fleeting. We all should do more to take every single day as it comes and treat it for the special gift that it truly is. We are all too caught up in our own little worlds that we do not notice the rest of the world moving on around us until it is too late.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Spend the day doing something you love with people you care for deeply.

Building the Best Content Creation Team

There is no doubt that the world of content creation is a growing market, thanks to an ever-increasing share of the world deriving its news, entertainment and information from the internet.

Making wow gold profits without hurting your Warcraft Gaming experience.

In order to enjoy playing your game most players will find that having gold to spend for items, mounts and other items will make the game much more enjoyable. But there are also other factors to your game.

Do You Undercut When Using Tycoon Auction Tab?

The Tycoon auction module helps you to find items that are less likely to have hundreds of stacks for sale, yet still have a high degree of sales. If you know the items are undercut because there are way to many of them, well then consider dumping what you have and calling it a day, go hunt other items for more profits.

Will Tycoon Gold Addon Help You Make More WoW Gold?

Tycoon Gold addon is an in game set of gold making modules that when combined will make it considerably easier for the user to not only learn how to make more gold, but to do so much more efficiently.

What Is The Best Tycoon Gold Addon Review?

What constitutes the best tycoon gold addon review out there? Well, that depends on what you the user are looking to accomplish. If you are playing Warcraft for fun and enjoyment then you will be looking for tools that can help you to increase that fun while you play the game you enjoy so much.


Worlds Fastest Bike? I want one of these

Colnago has a gorgeous road bike out, making a claim of worlds fastest bike. I even like the color white. IT does look pretty sleek.

When BMC Racing WIns, So Do You.

Get Team replica cycling kits: BMC offering $500 off of MSRP and a Pearl Izumi BMC Team replica kit ($100 value) with the purchase of select bicycles.

base 64 decoder tool

help fight hacks in wordpres sites by checking what that encoded script actually shows

Star Citizen Space Simulation game

I am looking forward to the release of this space simulation. I think this is going to be one of the best space sims available. On a scale like warcraft, this should be a killer game.

spartan wars calculator

popular spartan wars game helping calculator. figure out how to beat your opponents armies.

Powerful Tycoon Gold Addon Makes Bold Claim From Manaview...

Making Warcraft Gold just got a lot easier. New Tycoon gold addon helps automate the process and profits you can see when playing WoW. Wow Gold Profits based on the actual server economy.

American Muscle Cars

A Muscle car is a American car with a big engine in it. Muscle cars have 2 doors not 4.

Billiards Instruction -- Learn to Play Pool in Ten Minutes

A short introduction to the fundamentals of pool (pocket billiards) This video gives a great basic billiards instruction to pool playing. This is pretty basic stuff and should help out any beginner to the sport. Enjoy.

Get cheap pool tables and billiard supplies

check out pool tables for cheap to find quality tables at reasonable prices.

Discover the exact same Automated SEO secrets used by this Underground Millionaire to make more than $50K monthly

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How to Free Up Your Time With Outsourcing, Part 2

OnlyWire | Social Media Auto-Submission: OnlyWire is a fast, secure automation tool to submit content to the top Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use OnlyWire to save time, automate your website's content and engage your followers.


Your Personal Productivity Public Articles And Blog Section

Welcome To Your Personal Productivity. It often comes to our attention that many people are not totally happy with their lives. This often comes to light in several different manners, most commonly an unhappiness at home, disatisfaction at work, or lack of success.

Welcome To My blog

Welcome to SDU, this is a blog to help me with my businesses. If you are here, hopefully you are in need of any number of services that I offer. If you have any questions, please browse through the blog and take a moment to check out the products or services that we are offering at SDU. This site will also be subject to change quickly and often.